by nekfast

i go to my friends house he has a controller i say oh no hes moves the joystick slower he turns on the TV i say in my mind no fortnite no FORTNITE fortnite is not my type..... i hate it when people do the hype its annoying that's what i don't like i leave and slam the door and say goodbye hes like why? leaves the controller and dies.. by a raptor hes denied like NO i was faster.. he blames me for going down stairs hes says ITS NOT Fair... then he talks about fortnite more im like NO i head for the door hes gets in front then he taunts gives the controller to me i get on my knees then he says flee said to try it once he said it was a need then he spoke and said it would be a good deed i play a couple of times... i try to leave he give me dimes to play the game i feel like i walked threw fame he always acts the same his name was pretty lame THE END i tried LOL

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