Anniversary Poems 

Celebrate life’s most cherished milestone with our collection of Free Anniversary Poems. Whether it’s for your own partner, or to honor the anniversary of somebody else, here you will find the perfect sentiment in one of our wonderful sentiments for a very special day.

Married life can be challenging at times. Even the best marriages experience their ups and downs. However, when two people have healthy and open channels of communications, they are usually able to weather the storm. And this does not only apply to marriage. It is a good model for relationships in general.

Show your appreciation for your special someone, or congratulate them on being together with some meaningful words from My Word Wizard.


Floating from the tree
I watch the brown leaves fall
Silent and golden
They glide to the floor
With this I know winter soon will be here
Snow at our doorstep
But nothing to fear
Because you’ve kept my heart
Warm all these years

Worn but Beautiful

You are like a favorite novel
A story full and rich
I must have read her a dozen times
Yet there’s always something new to discover
Within the pages
Maybe curling a little
At the edges
Maybe a little torn
But inside is beautiful
A journey of my own
And each time I turn those pages
The words written
Bring me home

This Our Day

We’ve made history
You and I
If you take a look around us
All this
Is our story
All this
Is our glory
I’m proud of this
Of what we’ve accomplished
And this is our day
Happy Anniversary

Building Our Lives

We began with foundations
And on them laid stones
Brick by brick we have built
This house we call home
A life full of vigor
A life full of laughs
How glad I am
You’re my better half

Still Together

On a day like today
Many moons ago
You and I decided
To give it a go
Many summers have passed
And together we stay
Our hearts in tune
We won’t break away
Happy Anniversary my love

Poetry by Sarah Spoors

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