Dan Dailey Glasswork                                                                                         "Romance" by Dan Dailey (in glass)

You burn inside with an intense passion. Our Free Romantic Poetry collection captures the essence of your quixotic spirit with romantic thoughts from the writers of My Word Wizard.

Whether you are looking for a sentiment to express your deep love for another, or like Don Quixote, you are setting off on a dreamy quest in pursuit of an ideal, there is romance in everything you do. You will enjoy our poems devoted to romance in all its forms.

My Treasure

My life began when I met you.
You have made my life complete.
Each day with you is a treasure
as beautiful as a rare jewel.
I love to hold you in my arms
and wake up each day to your smile.
You are a breath of fresh air
and I will never let you go.

A Wonderful Feeling

We have only been together a short time
but I know more than ever the way I feel.
The feelings I have are brand new
and they are a wonder to me.
Each time we’re together its beautiful
and a gift to be enjoyed.
I look forward to our present and future,
And seeing where our paths lead.

So Thankful

Through the years we’ve had together
we’ve had good times and some bad.
But I love you more than I did before
and for your love I am so glad.
Your voice is like a song to me.
Your smile is a ray of sun.
 I am thankful for all we’ve had
The hard times and the fun.


As I take your hand in mine
All troubles melt away
I lose all of my fears
and worries of the day.
When I look into your eyes
I see my future with you.
There is nothing more I can say
Except that my love is always true.

Love Defined

How do you define love?
Is it a loving look, a warm smile?
Is it a warm hug on a cold night,
A warm cup of cocoa by the fire?
Or is it someone bringing soup when you’re sick?
Love is all of these things and more.
Love is what I feel for you, now and always
And love is what I give to you now.

Poetry by Sharon Hendricks

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