Friendly Ghosts

by Zinnia

Who says all witches are wicked and all ghosts are scary?
It's wrong some ghosts are not at all eerie.
Casper is a ghostly portly little boy ,
he is even very friendly and full of joy.
Some witches are wicked and some are greedy
But no one is as good as Wendy.
Wendy is a good little witch
Though she is not very rich.
Wendy has a cottage in a haunted forest,
Where she is not even allowed to rest .
After hearing about Casper and Wendy,
I hope we know that ghosts are also friendly.
So these were the features,
of some friendly supernatural creatures......

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rocking ghosts
by: Anonymous

they are rocking and amazing

by: pia

it is too good as i think
it help me in my project about ghots
there other good poems too :)

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