From here up high

by Pauline Harley
(Dublin Ireland)

Perhaps someday if I could fly
I’d leave this earth and reach the sky
I’d watch up here from way up high
See people as they laugh and cry
Living their lives as it passes them by
Not one reflecting on its meaning or why?

And all from a different point of view
As I sit wishing I could make dreams come true
If only they could see what I see if only they knew
Up here if I could unlock the clues to make new rules
I’d change their lives and points of views
Plant ideas in minds to help them through
Make a new future for me and you

Turn frowns on sad faces to smiles that light up the day
As people they spontaneously dance
Realising they have been given this second chance
No more tears running down their faces
An only tear of joy replaces
Children laughing as they innocently play
No one to harm them or take them away

People united as they come together
No shoving and pushing or struggling forever
Only we can endeavour together
To open our minds and find this new time
This new existence shall then be yours and mine
Lift your hearts and your spirit will sail
A new life together then shall prevail.

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Aug 19, 2012
by: Caneel

I've always wanted to be able to fly. This poem is exactly how I would have put it.

Feb 12, 2012
by: coral

I enjoyed your poem i think it was well written and very inspirational

Apr 22, 2011
If Only
by: Cha' La Ree Brown

I wish I could join you and share the beautiful moment from up above.

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