Full Moon Oath

by Lorrie Salvetti
(Sonora Ca)

Void of negative and unhealthy thoughts
void of bad intentions or revenge
void of all that is against mother nature
and that stands against the good of heart

We kindred spirits
join together
beneath the full moons light
we invoke the powers of the universe
call to the mountains
our voices echo throughy the sky
To the Heavens we raise our hands
and our hearts

we stand together
gazing up at the moon in its perfection
and we are humbled by its beauty
there is a magic that takes place
as we howl and dance and sing

setting free the wild one
setting free the authentic self
surrendering to the deepest part of ourselves
connecting with our dreams
and our wishes
whispering with clear and strong convictions
our separate prayers knowing we are part of
a Divine master plan

We take an oath as we gather
here in this quiet time
an oath to embrace only the good and just .
to be protectors of children
of our Elders, of eachother

We take an oath of truth, devotion
loyatly,wisdom from ancient times to present day
a sip from the chaise of our soul.
beneath the full moon's light
we kindred souls unite
and invoke blessings to overflow.
Full moon above us
the darkness we do not fear
our hearts and souls never srangers
to the company of Angels

We look towards the Heavens
far above the full moon and seek to find
a glimpse of God but for now we must be content
to know that HE sees Us.

Full Moon, we dance beneath you
while you dance within us. We howl
we laugh and we embrace each moment of our lives.

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