Funky Cat

by Daniel Miltz
(Hampstead, NH U.S.A)

Funky Cat

{Free Verse}
Mar 21, 2018• Copyright © daniel miltz

Hip, cat, daddy-o
Hey, what's cookin bro'
Man, I dig this groovy melody
It flows free. Baby
With the harmony

Jimmy is "smokin'" tonight
Look at that cat, lickety split
He's a telescopic sight
It's crazy, man. I dig it
This cat's been blastin' all night

Cool tunes, with horn yellin' shot
Blowin' it real hot
The band is "jammin,'' really cooking
I think Jimmy's "flippin''
Way he's zipping that stick ripping

Diggin' his "boogie woogie" jive
Layin' it down, gimme five
All the "jitterbugs" jumpin' to the heat
To the "funky" cat with that "groovy" beat
Blowin' his top, and waving his feet

Joint is jumping. I gotta scat
Man! It was-- Wild, man, wild, down pat!
He's a real bang-tail gone cat!
I’ll plant you now, dig you later with a greet
Man! ''I'm really "beat''

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