40th Birthday Poems 

They’ve nearly made it. The “Big Four O” is just around the corner. Our Funny 40th Birthday Poems will ease them into their mid-life crisis with just the right amount of grace, humor, and maybe a dash of irreverence. 

It's true that age is just a number. But not everybody sees it that way, especially when they hit that milestone fourth decade. Sometimes the muscles ache a little more, the hair is a little thinner, and the responsibilities of life can be stressful. That's why it is so important to get them to lighten up. To reacquaint them with their carefree side. 

So help ease them in to a new decade and let them know everything is going to be alright, and that life truly does begin at 40!

Big Adventure

Don’t look glum on your birthday
Because now isn’t the time
To reminisce about your first kiss
Or for all those times
If you’d only had a dime
Turning 40 is a celebration
A cause for joy as we endeavor
To understand that as we live
It becomes one big adventure
Happy 40th!

First Lines

So you’ve got a few
Gray hairs
Who cares?
You’re noticing the
First lines
It’s fine!
Don’t sweat the small stuff
There’s nothing to fear
Now you are 40
Let’s raise a big cheer!

The Beginning

Woman announces
40th birthday
Whilst simultaneously
And pulling out her own hair
Don’t let this be you
Take it gracefully and smile
The best is yet to come
40 really is
the beginning

Older Wiser

It’s good that you are now 40
Because by now we’ve figured out
Just who we really are
What we like and what we love
We don’t fret about the small stuff
We laugh where we used to cry
And we trust our own judgement
But are still open to advice
Happy 40th birthday
There’s nothing like these years
We’re older and we’re wiser So do away with all those fears

A Classic

If your favorite radio station plays classic rock
And you’re wondering where your friends went
If you can recall
One banana, two banana, three banana, four
And have stopped trying to find new ‘cool’ bands to listen to
But you remember how blissful
How delightful it was
To search through a used record store and come home with
A rarity
Then yes, you’re getting ‘older’
Older not old
More refined and defined
You’re 40
You can call yourself
A classic

Poetry by Sarah Spoors

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