Funny Mother's Day Poems

She made you laugh and she made you cry, but she always put you first. Funny Mothers Day Poems pay tribute to mom in a humorous way that is sure to bring a smile to her face.

Whether it’s poking fun at her unique dance moves, or recalling the time she left you a message at work to make sure you ate your lunch, mom always keeps you laughing. 

Make this mom’s day a memorable one with some light-hearted words from the writers at My Word Wizard.

Dynamite Mother

Roses are red;
Violets are blue.
There is no need
 To say I love you.
You already know how I feel
Momma you always taught me
To keep it real.
What you are is really cool and tight
Mom, you’re a Good Times’ DYNAMITE!


You have always been there in the past
Even when telling me to kiss your ass.
Still, you did it with a smile on your face.
Here on earth or deep in space
Everyone would fail trying to keep your pace.
Why should anyone even bother to enter the race
Because no one can ever take your place?
Mom, you’re a straight Ace.

From me

I love you;
You love me
I like you without your weave;
You’re my bald headed mother.
There’s no reason to deceive
I with a belt, what you can achieve.
You always said, “f_ _ __ what others believe.”
I never doubted I could succeed.
That’s why you’re on a shopping spree
Happy Mother’s Day from me


Everyday with you is an adventure
What happened to the money I sent you?
Even though I pay your rent
You are worth every penny spent.
You always getting in trouble,
But I still rescue you on the double.
I know you’d do the same for me
Unless George Clooney got down on one knee.
That’s how a mom is supposed to be.

Lessons from Momma

Momma you taught me so much -
The back of your hand.
Damn, did that hurt!
Yet you also taught me so much more
Like not to eat food off the floor.
When you kicked daddy out,
You said love don’t bill no bills
And quickly deleted his name from you will.
At least you were nice to me and strangers you met
“Thank the Lord God,” you said,
“I ain’t there yet.”
Mom, you taught me the lessons
I needed to learn.
But couldn’t you just have told me…
That fire really burns?

Poetry by Natasha Niemi

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