by Luna A.
(Pennsylvania )

The moment you look deep into someone’s eyes, you find their galaxies. Depending on the stars and constellations, that’s what tells you their journey through life. Our galaxies don’t end until we die. Your galaxy can have planets and shooting stars, it all depends on what you dream it to be. You can wish on another person’s shooting star if you have the chance gaze in wonder and excitement into another person’s eyes long enough to connect in way that is unbreakable.

Some people’s galaxies are terrible… they contain meteorites that are hurtling there way every day, you might not know their battle but you really should look in their galaxy and try to understand… some people keep stuff inside. Hidden in their galaxy…which is the worst thing ever. They bottle their feelings up like they don’t want to live life… they don’t want their galaxy to continue…

And I personally know that’s hard to go through. Sometimes you have to understand your own galaxy before exploring others'. You have to comprehend what you have gone through, what this journey called life has brought to you so far.

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