Geschenk an Jayden

by William Innis

You don’t know why
But suddenly she is the most important aspect of your life
You can’t explain it,
But suddenly you are captivated by the mere thought of her
You can’t go more than an hour without thinking about her
thinking about the way her auburn hair frames the curvature of her face
about the way you get lost in her emerald green eyes
about how her soft lips are an alluring shade of red
about that how her smile makes her have this almost heavenly glow
about how her hand seems to fit perfectly in yours like you were made for each other
when you are with her it’s different altogether
When you’re with her you get this feeling
The only way I can be described is a fire
A fire that blazes through your veins
It is like your first real taste of life
Your first real taste of intimacy
Her name is the sweetest sound your ears have ever heard
It rolls off your lips as rich as honey
You say it over and over to no one in particular, just to hear it.
you feel like you have to have her
she becomes your happiness
she becomes the reason for your smile
she is the light in your life
she is your everything
she becomes your world
and you become hers

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