Gift Of How-to Ways

by Esther Thornburg
(Cantril, Iowa.USA)

How much can a memory hold?
So many scenes of yesterday unfold.
Give to a child the how-to ways.
They will care for self in future days.

They will not be depending on others to do,
Don't rob the joy of preparing and doing.
Self-reliance will then be there.
Face life's requirements with care.

The gift of how-to is theirs to keep.
It will grow through the years, a treasure they seek.
It is a bank of ability to use and share.
They will take it along, it works everywhere.

How much can a memory hold?
Even a song has a message to unfold.
When Grandma rocked, a message was heard.
From a hymn, "Write on my heart every word".

Within the melodies of the time measured songs,
Great and meaningful stories live on.
They are repeated as each new generation comes along.
There is room in memory for another song.

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