Girls Of Halloween

by Susan Gentry

Far back in the graveyard
A chill was in the air
Three Webster County girls were
Playing “Truth or Dare”

Sounds of restless spirits
Echoed through the night
A gust of wind extinguished
All three lantern lights

Visibility by a full moon
Cast shadows everywhere
Distant howls of coyotes
Caused quite a scare

Rustling leaves, swaying trees
Only made things worse
Three Webster County friends
Huddled and tried not to curse

An old Halloween custom
Young kids eagerly tried
To stay the graveyard ‘til midnight
A passage of Webster County pride

Thunder boomed, lightening flashed
The girls shivered and cried
Holding each other tightly
They agreed to do it or die

At sunrise the groundskeeper
Started making rounds
Behind a row of tombstones
The friends were safely found

Accepted by the older kids
Bravery no longer taunted
The three spread tall tales of
The graveyard being haunted

Even though October 31st has become
A very different scene
Webster County folk still tell
The story of the “Girls of Halloween”


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