Give me some Credit!?

by DAMO!

It was during the recession
I needed help from my bank
So they arranged for a session
With the loan manager, Frank.

All I wanted was a loan
It was no big deal
But when he got me on my own
How small he made me feel

He wanted to know everything
There was no escape
It was most embarrassing
It was financial rape

Yes he had all the power
And did he let me know
All I could do was cower
The jumped up so and so

It was there in black and white
I had it all thought through
I could pay the loan all right
And he knew it too

He knew I had security
I was better off than him
He just wanted to embarrass me
Did I look that dim?

He took some time out to peruse
What an awful attitude
Then my loan he did refuse
With gracious platitudes

I knew he was not sorry
He did not need to lie
But me, I did not worry
I would just get by

So I made my own way out
Before I lost my cool
I just shut my mouth
Though he made feel a fool

Get even don’t get mad
Was my motto from that day
So I took everything I had
And I made it pay

Since then I’ve made a fortune
God has been good to me
And Frank, that jumped up little goon
Is now working for me

Now people find that funny
I suppose it is indeed
But his refusal of the money
Made sure I would succeed

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