Glimpse Of Military Life!

by Shaila Touchton

The soldiers are miles away, leaving their families and children all alone
Leaving behind everything they know and love
Out of their comforting homes and zones.
When they say good bye to their families, their hearts break
They burst into tears of separation
No one would ever understand their emotional pains and feelings
They wish they could stay all together, but their job is calling
They try hard to be brave, while crying silently in their hearts
They feel utterly empty, torn between by their loved ones and their jobs
Having the highest call to defend the country

With loyalty, respect, and personal courage they defend the country
Protecting our nation from our enemies, living each day with fear of death
Whether the weather is dry, sunny, rainy or cold
Whether they are in mountains or deserts or on sea
They endure a lot of trouble to protect their motherland.
Where we would dare not be in their place
They never know what the day will bring
For that day could be the last day of their lives

They are lonely in a far distant land
Away from Motherland, away from loved ones
While we sleep in our comfortable bedrooms without fear
While they sleep next to their war weapons.
Taking cat naps, less sleep or no sleep
And are always alert even in their sleep

They serve the country and fellow citizens
With selfless service, integrity and honor
They are the mighty warriors helping us in times of need
They Work day and night, giving up their personal time, peace, sleep and desires
They miss their families and friends
They forget the Everyday Pleasures of a normal life
In order to give our country great care and protection

Their wives at home struggle alone to raise their kids
Their wives stress out too much to handle the kids' sadness
In the midst of their loneliness and stress they comfort their children
Worrying about the danger and safety of their husband, the father of their kids.
When they go to war, their families also go to war
With them in their heart
They sit at home waiting for their return
Hoping and praying for their safety.
When the world celebrates Christmas
They are alone and hurt for they
Can't spend the holidays with their families
Underneath their smile
There is fear of pain, frustration, tears and loneliness

With their patriotic Spirit they are always prepared
For Meeting all sorts of dangers and life's challenges
Their life's hardships are brutal and cruel
For there is no greater sacrifice
Than laying down their lives for the sake of their country.

Salute these brave Military who lay down their lives for the country
Appreciate them for their bravery and service.
For defending homeland from violence and terrorism
For defending their motherland with their life and blood
Pray for them that they may return home in safety
Pray for their families that they are strengthened
Be kind and thankful to them for their support
Honor them for their service and be Proud of them.
God bless each and every one in our Military!
For their sacrifice is too much to count!

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