Go Ahead and Complain

by I'm Fine
(Around Saturne)

Go ahead and complain 
Complain about your life
You're making me insane
You did not take a knife 
Deep in your dreadful heart
From the first one you loved
When you both fell apart
You weren't left unloved
Dying more everyday 
Cutting to drown sorrow
Bleeding your life away
Only Death to follow
You never felt this pain
As much as I used to
My beloved hopes were vain
It's all because of you 
You promised me heaven
Then pushed me through hell 
You won't be forgiven 
Are you hearing the bell 
It'll be for you to pay 
For all you did to me 
In my heart you won't stay 
Of my face you will see
Just my demonic laugh
As I watch you suffer
You heart will be cut in half
Your life will be over
So go ahead and complain
About how they treat you
You're not enduring pain
The one you put me through
Beware of my revenge
You will pay for your crime 
My heart I will avenge
I'm waiting for the time
Your betrayal will hurt
Your heart as it hurt mine
You will fall in the dirt
I'll look and I'll feel fine

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Nov 04, 2014
Amazing Poem
by: Anonymous

that is a amazing poem. I hate it when people complain or make a huge deal about how their life is over because they haven't been through half of the things I had and still have to go through.

May 24, 2012
Thanks :)
by: I'm fine

Well thank you Mysti, it s been two years almost since I started writting poems so I guess it comes with training... And I also have a lot of inspiration :)

May 24, 2012
by: mysti

awesome poem you're really talented!

May 20, 2012
by: I'm fine

well thank you, it just pisses me off seeing the people who hurt me the most complaining about their little problems...

May 19, 2012
by: Anonymous

Feel your pain....

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