Go Out to the World to Share the Love that is Within.

by Rose Ramirez
(Whittier, CA)

There was a time when I was sad.
my tears would not stop
the more I think of it, it just gets me mad.

I gave my sadness to the Lord.
I heard a voice with much love.
He took it gladly and said climb aboard.

I did just that, that day I heard.
Ever since I've been with joy
I feel so happy and free as a bird.

Salvation is free, to all who hear His voice
my prayer is for us to spread the good news to all who are dear and near.
God is a gentleman and waits for you to make that choice.

The word says go out to all the world and spread the news.
We are his hands and feet and voice
so start right where your world begins just don't sit on the pews.

Stretch out your hands to those who are lost.
He stretched out His just for us
remembering where you came from it was a cost.

Our Jesus gave His life for you and me.
to share the love that is to share
not just to keep it to ourselves but to give it out for free.

The love from Him is ours for sure.
we need to share it to the world because it is the only cure.
People die everyday. So we need to go out to share the love that is so pure.

Our actions is what counts more than words.
neighbors, friends, and relatives, are your world
so go out to share because we are all the children of the Lord's.

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