Going Home

by John Smallshaw
(London, England)

From out of the Sunset
I met
My ship set with sails.
Everything pales when the evening comes in..when
the firelight flickers and the lantern burns dim.
This ship is ablaze.
I gaze at the sight and I hear the mists call
as the night comes alight with the fires I have known.

The body joints groan as I walk nearer the shore
to the ship that will take me to learn so much more.

Farewell to this land..I shall say, "It's been grand"
but..time to move on.
The song in my heart bounces off the high clouds
Shrouded I sail into whatever awaits.
Pearly gates?

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Mortal's departure
by: Anonymous

John i like that verse is so inspiring and soul lifting the words sink into d bone marrow sending mortal heart to jail that some day, we all must depart and all we've treasured b4 but b 4goten as we solomnly lay shamelessly to the earth. Reading it i trembles is i imagin how the end of mortal may look like.

Home is in the heart
by: Anonymous

Your poem is refreshing as cool mint.
For when all is ablaze, the song in one's heart is energy and balm. It is perhaps the greatest gift.

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