Good Bye to Loved Ones.

by Nick Cappell
(Charlotte, NC U.S.)

Imagine a little girl
curled up with her doll
With a picture of her mom and dad
up on the wall.
She’s wondering where her dad went
A soldier in Iraq,
soon to be heaven sent.
She was just a young girl,
but plenty of memories
The past two Christmas’s,
her daddy setting up the Christmas tree.
All the brief moments when he was around
Little does she know,
his body is yet to be found.
Her mother is in the kitchen,
crying her eyes out
Thinking about her husband
and how she is a widow now, no doubt.
Wondering what she is going to do now
Now that her husband is riding a white cloud.
She is hoping that this is a deception
That her beloved’s death
is just one big misconception.
The father is looking down
at his two beautiful girls
Wondering when he will ever get
to see the loves of his world
All this death and war is giving us no gain
IT just starts new problems, with more pain
Families are torn away brick by brick
The thought of it all just makes me sick
What if we could just stop for a second?
Stop all the killing, lying
and speaking harsh venom
What if we could just come hand in hand
And make a new world, a new home,
with a new plan.

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