Good Bye to you my friend .// addictions

by Anne Calkins
(Iowa City IA )

For my friends and family who struggle with addictions.. while I never have in this sense I think we all have them in some sense

I have to say Good-Bye to you my friend
Even though I swore it was us to the end
I have to say so long to you my enemy
For my end is near and I don't want it to be
I thought I was tough when I was with you
Truth is I was weak and couldn't make it through
You helped me destroy all of who were in my corner
If I could I'd get a lifetime restraining order
Even after all you stole from me I kept coming back
The genie in that bottle gave me the strength for those that could attack
I remember you from oh so long ago
I thought you were my friend but honestly you were my foe
I gave up so much just to be with you
But I tell you now that I am through
I am writing you an eviction notice to post on my door
I know I was weak in the past but not anymore
Alcohol and drugs you have no power over me
I choose not to run from you I choose to always be free!

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