Goodbye Old Friend (Terry "Sparky”)

by Renee C. Rush-Boyko
(Tomahawk, Alberta, Canada)

3 whole years already since I got that fateful call,
It was your daughter, Kimmy, and she told me, "He didn't make it Renee! He's gone,"
But I didn't hear her words at all.

Instead, if i recall, i asked her, "Which hospital is he at? Tell him I’m on my way!"
"How is he holding up? Is he feeling okay?"
She told me that i didn't hear her, because 19 minutes before she called me, you had passed away.

All i could do was scream and cry,
I wasn't ready to say goodbye.
And beautiful Kimmy Anne, so patient, so kind, and empathetic,
Just let me cry and cry... oh so sympathetic.

What was I doing? I haven't even asked her how she was dealing with everything!
I apologized over and over again,
She said she was okay, and there was no need for apologizing,
Gently whispering, "Renee, it's okay, because I know you loved him too, and after everything you 2 had become good friends. You meant a lot to him."

That day feels like yesterday,
And I still miss you each and every day.
No more texts that say, "Hey Brat",
Because in a blink of an eye you were gone just like that!
I hope to see you one day again,
Goodbye and rest in peace my friend.

Dedicated to Kim, Terry’s Daughter, as well as to his and my daughters, Kendra and Karlee.

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Emotional and touching
by: Tracey

I can feel your pain by reading this. It's as if I can feel your connection with Terry 'Sparky'. Beautifully written. Bravo!

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