Romeo and Juliet                                                                                                by Sir Frank Bernard Dicksee

"Parting is such sweet sorrow", Juliet said to Romeo. Goodbye Sad Poems from the collections of My Word Wizard will help you put into words the feelings that arise when saying farewell to friends or loved ones. Or both.

We believe our writers will inspire you to articulate, in your own words, just how much they will be missed.

Distance can make the heart grow fonder. So let them know just what you are thinking. Plan a reunion and make sure to reconnect in the not too distant future.


I know we have to part for now
But our paths will cross again.
I know we’ll see each other someday
I just don’t know where or when.
But we have had some great times
and our memories I will treasure.
You have brought me happiness
much more than I can measure.

A Friend So True

Goodbye is not forever
Or it doesn’t have to be.
Our paths will cross someday
But you’ll always be with me.
You are with me every day
when I think of you.
Nowhere else I have found
a friend so very true.

Not Forever

Goodbye is such a sad word
because it means an end
To the things two people had
and farewells to a friend.
But goodbye is not forever;
paths cross in mysterious ways.
It may be I’ll surprise you
and you’ll see me one of these days.

A Special Bond

Though we have to say goodbye
It doesn’t mean forever.
Because we have a special bond
that miles cannot sever.
You are in my heart and thoughts,
Your memories I will never release.
Because we had something special
Which miles can never cease.

Always Call You Friend

Though we have to say farewell
This won’t be the end.
I’ll think about you all the time
And always call you friend.
We’ll write, we’ll call, we’ll remember
and it won’t be so bad.
Our memories will help us smile
and we won’t feel so sad.

Poetry by Sharon Hendricks

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