by Bethany Romano
(Davao City, Philippines)

Nothing In Mind (ynatheB)

Nothing In Mind (ynatheB)

Goodbye, because time may be over.
Goodbye, because you don't deserve what I offeRed.
Goodbye, because the pain in me can't be coveRed.
Goodbye, since I dont want to suffeR.

Goodbye, to the caRess anD kisses.
Goodbye, foR sure that I wiLL miss.
Goodbye, to the bRoken pRomiseS.
Goodbye, tHose wiLL remain as wisHes.

Goodbye, as my heart cries out LouD.
Goodbye, as my senses run out.
Goodbye, just find your way out.

Goodbye, as my vitaLity in you went sLow.
Goodbye, as I beat fast to sLow.
Goodbye, as i'LL tRy not to be youR foe.
Goodbye, feLLow untiL ouR next heLLo.

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by: Bethany Romano

Not reaLLy about my ceRtain expeRience. It's based on my emotion and mood upon making that poem and from other peopLe's story tOo. Thanks for dropping by. :)

The poem can really be felt..
by: Anonymous

is this based on experience?

Orlando Bloomings
by: Anonymous

Keep posting Ms. I'd loved to follow you on your Twitter..

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