Got me Thinking

by Bongumusa
(Durban,KZN, South Africa )

I know that you are sleeping but I’m just here got my mind thinking.
I know that I don’t open up much and you never no what lies beneath the surface.
This has always been the only way to release what’s had me, got me thinking for a while.
I have always been in the background and watched how every snow flake turned into rain.
Got me thinking that you deserve a ray of sunshine to wash away the pain.
A broken heart never reveals the true terror behind our smiles and the story behind our eyes.
We want people to see that we are getting by but are trapped in our prism of a love gone by.
Got me thinking that it's time to start a fresh though the scars are still deep but got me thinking
That we need to bleed in order to progress or we will keep scratching scabs hoping we don’t bleed again.
Got me thinking of flowers and ish, got me thinking about holding your hands and just kiss.
The thoughts seep through my mind on a daily and when I drift away I see a million pictures of you in a frame.
When I’m alone I close me eyes deeper and choose my favourite picture.
It’s got me thinking of you again and again and like the ocean meets the tide I hope you are washed anew.

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