Gothic Beauty

by Mario Vitale
(Wolcott, Ct)

Gothic Beauty

Dark magical interludes
The madness ensues
She dances in a ring of fire
Yet throws off the challenge with a shrug
Light and love
Satan laughing spreads his wings
Long viscous fangs that bite
Eyes full of sullen brevity
She stays alone stationary
Follows her passion through a field
Angels bask in there vast array of light
Forget he day the night is far spent
Black in her wardrobe
Haunting style of vestibules
A pulse beating in the night
She loves for that is the essence of her inner existence
Captivated with a smile
A dream land filled with fairies and hobbits
Evil minds that plug destruction no more
Lest I implore another open door by which to explore
Illumination transformed
Digest the hate to loves reality

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