Graduation Poetry

Your daughter has reached an educational milestone. Celebrate the occasion with our Graduation Poems Daughter collection. There is no more personal way to say you are proud than with words written especially for this day.

She’s worked hard to get where she is and it hasn’t always been easy. You are proud of her and admire the person she has grown to be. Whether its elementary school, high school, or college, we have the perfect sentiment to mark the day.

Congratulations on your daughter's very special time.



I’ll watch you walk across that stage
As I think about your first school days.
You were so little then
With your favorite blanket
And your bear
You called Ben.
You’ve grown taller,
But your smile is the same.
No one will clap louder
When they call your name.

You're Special

Wiping someone’s butt
Is as close as you can get
To knowing them.
With that, I’ve seen you
At your worst
And I’ve always prayed for your best.
As for you being my daughter,
I have never expected more.
As you walk to get your diploma
Know how special you are.

The Future

You were so small as a baby
And now you’re
Walking across the stage
To accept your
To loud accolades.
The future is yours
As you head off to college.
Know that your life will change
And so will your dreams and friends.
What remains the same
Is that you’ll always
Be my baby.

The Bet

Your father owes me money;
He bet against a sure thing.
He said you wouldn’t graduate.
With soccer and boys,
You had too much on your plate.
I always believed in you;
There was no doubt.
As a baby,
Sometimes you’d fall,
But you got up right away.
Without crying,
Over and over
Until you got it right.
That’s my girl.
I’m so proud of you,

Thank G-d (Humorous)

Thank G-d you made it.
You’ve graduated.
Dad brought your suitcases
from the basement.
Your room
Is now the sitting room.
I love you so
Don’t misunderstand,
But we don’t want to drag
The goodbyes out.
We understand
You must go on
With your life,
to College,
To get a good job.
Dad and I
Will be sending you
An invoice soon.
Isn’t it great to graduate?

Poetry by Natasha Niemi

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