Grandma’s Little Angel

by Kimbaline Navas
(Las Vegas, Nevada, USA)

Grandma’s little angel
is what you will be called,
sent to us from the wings of another angel,
heaven has a kiss of blessing
with your name all around it,
a loving gift from God
“Grandma little Angel.”
Grandma’s little angel is who
we are waiting for;
I have been blessed with a grandchild
that I will love forever more.
Grandma’s little angel I will truly adore,
cherish the ground she walks upon,
kiss her baby feet,
hold her tiny hands
until she falls to sleep.
Grandma’s little angel
the apple of my eyes
a wonderful feeling of joy
until the day I die.
Little angel kiss my heart,
touched my soul
I can’t wait
until the day comes that I can behold
“Grandma’s little angel.”
Grandma’s little angel has already embraced my soul,
our eyes have not yet seen the love
that will soon unfold.
She is my little light
the fire that burns deep from within
Grandma’s little Angel
a kiss from heaven sent.
Grandma’s Little Angel
from blossom flowers grows,
beautifully like a red wine rose
touched my heart like no one really knows.
Grandma’s little angel
I did not fully understand
the blessing that was sent
from God’s loving hand,
He opened my eyes so I can clearly see
the love that he entrusted in thee.

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