by Leoon A. Enriquez

Grace comes to call, grace knows the way;
Reap what you sow, reap with sure heart;
Ask to stand tall, ask joy to stay;
Truth helps you know, truth funds sure start;
Ink with clear sight, ink with sure mind;
Trust what you feel trust pulse and surge;
Use well the light, use choice in kind;
Do silence still, do unseen urge;
Etch your free will, etch joy's sure merge!

Give in sure kind, give in wise plot;
Reach with fine wit, reach with clear tense;
Apt as sound mind, apt as poised thought;
Touch feels each fit, touch sparks new sense;
Indulge your taste, indulge your feel;
Treat all with good, treat with good cheer;
Urge follows haste, urge promptly tills;
Deed provides food, deed tramples fear;
Echo fond mood, echo right here!

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