Greatest Speech

by Lia
(Los Angelos)

I sit there holding my paper getting ready to give the best speech of my life, my sweaty palms cause my paper to become dampened and now the paper looks as if it’s been dipped in water. My heart is beating a mile a minute, while my stomach churns and grumbles from my anxious state. The food I had during lunch is trying to push its way up.
“I can do this” I kept repeating to myself hoping it would stick. My heart was pounding inside of my ears. I scanned around the room trying to see if anyone could hear the pounding, and somehow what used to be a classroom of 22 turned into 100. That’s when my vision blurred. “Nya, it’s your turn.” My head snapped up, I stood, and walked to the front class, and gave the best speech I said I would give.

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