by Rita Odeh
(Nazareth, Israel)

the scent
not the flower
is driving me crazy

cloudy morning-
a kite flies higher
than its string

autumn morning
strutting behind his shadow
the old turkey


first dew touch-
slyly, the lily unfolds
her petals

that full moon-
a coin falls into
the beggar's palm

still lake-
seagulls stir
the far moon

women's shelter-
yasmine scents spread
beyond the fence


still wandering
over fields of chrysanthemum..
my old dream of love

Valentine's dawn-
unless rose petals lie
he loves me

Valentine morning-
time to release
the lovebirds

Valentine's Day-
poetry flows from
every heart

Valentine evening-
even our shadows
are in love

Valentine night-
counting the stars
and heart palpitation

crowded park-
a couple of hugs
in my shadow

silent love-
the rose unfolds
its first petal

Romeo and Juliet-
the seat next to me
remains vacant

after a
long night...
the morning glory

first butterfly-
a child asks
if it's real

waning moon-
on her mourning dress,
a white pacifier

those clouds...
weaving one dream
after another

a daisy stretches its roots
in an olive tree's soil

setting sun-
taller than the kid
grandma's cane

refugee camp-
sculpting the tree trunk
into a cross

she asks her father
what is a refugee..!


crowded tents-
how can the cactus

peace talk-
the third crow
of a rooster

sparrows fly above
the rusty barbwire

the olive branches sway
beyond the barbwire


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Feb 12, 2012
by: Eve

Beautifully written. You have a lovely way with words. Amazing images coming out of so few words.
Well done!

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