by Rohit Mazumdar
(Kolkata, West Bengal)

I wish;
I could be your hair,
Long,dark and fair.

To be familiar
With your arousing scent.
To be habituated
With your finger's touch,
Which I love so much.
To be those loose strands,
At the corner of your eyes.
Which makes you beautiful.
And you don't realize.

To fall over your shoulder,
To be your pride
To lie over your chest,
To hear you breathe.
And I grow
With your every heartbeat.
When the wind
Tries to keep me away.
I swing forward,
And hug your face.
As,I belong to that place.
I feel your lips,
And, feel your cheeks
On my tips.

I wish;
I could be your hair,
Long, dark and fair.
So that;
I could stay
And die with you.

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