Halloween Eve

by Joel Bjorling
(Gilson, IL USA)

Do you ever wonder what happens
On Halloween Eve?
Don't ask--it's wicked, fiendish,
Too frightful to believe.

Halloween Eve is the time
When ghosts, monsters, and witches awaken
From their slumber
In the realm of the forsaken.

From their loathsome sleep they arise
And greet the dread of night;
The torrents rage, the gargoyles cry
As the lost souls take their flight.

These foul creatures walk,
Leaving not a clue;
Beware--that lurking shadow
May be stalking you!

Take care on Halloween
For what may be in store;
As you go from house to house,
You never know who's at the door.

If you meet a witch, ghost, or goblin,
Remember this poem,
Or else the realm of the forsaken
Might become your permanent home.

Speak softly, keep your head down,
Don't look back;
Sure, Halloween is just another day
(But don't tell the black cat!)

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