Halloween Sayings

It's that time of year once again. October 31st. Halloween Sayings from the writers at My Word Wizard are sure to put you in a trick-or-treat mood.

There'll be lots of ghosts and goblins, and witches and such, but just make sure you don't eat too much - candy that is!

Halloween is a great time to show off your holiday spirit, as well as your best costume! And it never hurts if you can come home with a bounty of sweets.

Our collection of trick-or-treat sayings and jokes take a playful look at a yearly institution. We think you will enjoy this very special assemblage of holiday themed adages and funny little quips.

Enjoy the holiday and remember, only trick-or-treat from people you know.

Happy Halloween!

Halloween is the ghoulest holiday of them all.

Trick or treat, smell my feet; give me something good to eat!

This year Halloween is sure to be a tricktackular time!

It’s time to put on our costumes and go haunting for candy!

Halloween comes but once a year, you’ll get lots of candy so have no fear.

Why is it so hard to find a sales person on Halloween eve? Because they always have a skeleton staff!

What did the vampire say to the werewolf? Stop fanging around and get a job!

Meet my friend Frank N. Stein. He's always dressed for Halloween!

What did the baby goblin say to the trick-or-treaters? Boo-Hoo!

A wise man once said, ‘Count Chocula is no vampire, and Dracula is no cereal’

Why do zombies love the winter? Because they can catch a death of a cold!

What is a vampire’s favorite game? Fang-man

Who will scare you on Halloween and then make hot dogs for her kids?  A mummy!

Why was the vampire so conceited? Because he was rather vein!

Why are goblins so good in baseball? They love to play with bats!

If you don’t wear a costume on Halloween, you are sure to have a horror-ble time!

Why did the vampire stay home for Halloween? He couldn’t stop coffin!

How do you know that Halloween is coming to an end?  When the candy becomes SCARE-CE

This is going to be the most unbelieva-boo Halloween ever!

What is Dracula’s favorite ride? A roller ghoster

Did you hear about Ghost Airlines? They won’t take off until everyone takes their sheets!

This Halloween the most popular mask is the Arnold Schwarzenegger mask. And the best part? With a mouth full of candy you will sound just like him.    

                                                                    Conan O'Brien

On Halloween, the parents sent their kids out looking like me.

                                                                    Rodney Dangerfield

Charlie Brown is the one person I identify with. C.B. is such a loser. He wasn't even the star of his own Halloween special.

                                                                                  Chris Rock

Sayings by Alan Loren (unless otherwise specified)

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