Handcuffed At The Heart

by Sadie Ann Diehl

Like a root in the ground,
White clouds up in the blue,
Like the heat to an ember,
Like paper sticks to glue.

Like nails in a board,
Salty water and the sea,
It’d be just as hard,
To separate you and me.

Like a baby and it’s mother,
Like rocks against the shore,
Like a breeze in the summer,
I’m always gonna want more.

Like laughter in a child,
Like the sting in a tear,
It doesn’t take too long,
And like a bullet you‘re here.

Through all emotions I‘ve felt,
I find it hard to believe,
That it only takes one touch from you,
To make it hard to breath.

I close my eyes and sense the sudden,
Tremble of your skin,
So wrapped up in this secret,
World that I am in.

Feel the tug of the chain links,
Pray they never come apart,
Since the very beginning we have been,
Handcuffed at the heart.

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