Happy Valentine's Day My Love

by Minnie Sauniga Tululautu Lam Yuen
(American Samoa)

Love is everywhere, and by this I mean you
I love the way you are honest, so kind, and so true
Today is a special day from our father above
More like a chance to show you my love

The first time I met you, my world was spinning round
When we became closer, you promised that you'd never let me down
Now it's Valentines Day, and my heart is filled
All the gifts and presents and your heart you yield

So once again to the love of my life
Thank you for believing and helping me shine more bright
Showing our affections to one another is nothing wrong
How you show yours is like singing a love song

May God bless you abundantly forever more
For showing that our love is worth fighting for
I dedicate this poem to my one and special dove
I would like to say, "Happy Valentines Day My Love"!

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