Hard Out Here for a Kid who has to rise his slibings

by monica

Hard Out Here for a Kid who has to rise his slibings

My mama kick me out when i was 13
My dumbass daddy didn't want to take me in
So if it wasn't 4 my cuzin, aunt,& granny, i wouldn't have a place to live
Afta 7 yrs u wanna cum back into me & my brotha'z & baby sista lyfe
Man if yuh dnt get da hell outta here
Becuz if it wasnt 4 big ma & granny , aunt Terri we wouldn't
have da followin:
Food,clothes and a place to stay.idk what we will have dne without dem?
Now u tryn to call it quit
Well mama i been have kall it quit wen u first kick me out
& abandoned ur otha kids!!!!

On the streets,
I make my living.
Robbing, dog fighting,
And a little drug dealing.
but granny show me da way outta dat shyt

I wish things were different
But the world I was born into
I can’t change.
I am a product of what u and my daddy some what rise me ;
It’s hard out here for a kid.

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