Hard Times and Hard Goodbyes

by Eliana
(United States)

Why were you on my mind all of a sudden?
I mean I love you to death but why all of a sudden?
Why was that day so sad?
Why was the world so mad?
Why couldn't I be happy?
Why did I feel so crappy?
So why just now?
And then I found out why and how

Remember when we would play hide and seek, when we
were young? Cause I sure do
It's like that day the game came true
Except I couldn't find you
You were forever gone
Yet life still goes on
Who took your life and why?
Was it through strife or ally?
What do you stand by?
Why did God let you die?
Why did I have to cry?
Why did I have to suffer this pain?
Were you profane, did you do cocaine?
Actually, forget the drugs
What about all those damn thugs?

But you promised us you wouldn't act stupid
My dreams now lucid
Trying to remember how you look
You know, fuck the scrapbook
God I beg you, let me see him one more time
But that was the end, no more rhyme.

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