Hard Times = Lost Love

by Ron Smith Jr
(Athens, Georgia)

Every night when I lay in bed,
my mind goes racing with thoughts I dread.
I think of the times we had as one,
it reminds me of all our beautiful fun.
But now I lay in bed alone,
wondering if I’ll get back what I once had known.

I’m so scared and full of fear,
I often find myself shedding a tear.
All I want is to hold you near,
kiss your neck and whisper sweetness in your ear.
But for now I must count on hope,
try my best to deal and cope.

All it took was a job for me,
I would’ve never lost my girl to be.
It took time to do and find,
but now everything will be just fine.
Now I hope you can look at me,
see how hard I have worked for thee.
I will be the best I can be,
but I really do need your love next to me.

Now my soul is hurt and weak,
I pray to God that we may once again meet.
I will dream of you tonight,
I will hold my pillow nice and tight.
Now I lay me down to sleep,
pray to Lord my soul YOU keep.

Ron Jr

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Mar 10, 2017
Hard Timea = Lost Love
by: Anonymous


Oct 12, 2012
by: Terri Smith

Well done Brother! Beautiful! Even though life might through you some curves, just know in your heart you will soon find the love you deserve.

Apr 15, 2012
by: mystershorty2*14*12

luv this poem, my boyfriend memorized this poem for me ;]<3

Feb 29, 2012
Very well written
by: Christa

That is as beautiful as it is heartbreaking.

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