Harpoon Loouey - Pseudonym Pen Bukowski

by matthew scott harris
(schwenksville, pennsylvania)

access the Moby Dick within you!

access the Moby Dick within you!

although just a pint size Notre Dame
hunched quarter back
with rock solid state frame
Pen (short for pennilessness),

a generic cents less game
some dime a dozen
day late dollar short left lame
leg quarter back
reminisced to the regular name
mass a chew sitz
bay thing ghosts of shame

full gory days his
unbridled victories on the grid
iron, what he lacked in stature,
he more than hid
as stealth weapon

compensated as air tight lid,
when getting hold of pigskin
grasped for dear life
after he instantaneously
morphed into octopus squid

as his tentacled suction-cupped fingers
dug into the thick
leather as if going
on whale'n expedition
after he did slick
his harpoon, this smirking,

eponymous, notorious,
and villainous sea sunned
marine monster (he proudly and quick
lee happily posed atop cetaceous creature
moments prior to prick
king the infamous Moby Dick,

which briny deep exploits landed him a gig
as one super (albeit pint sized) athlete,
plus adept at performing an Irish jig,
whence (by George) his polymath
"Twinkle Toes" Shaw man ship agility

spread be yon male pig
former and latter noms de plumes
hash-tagged, and etched
on his tombstone after 'til rig
or tenon mortise peri wig

gulled last living breath of salty air
after exhausting simony lick kits bare
meanwhile, forever refining
blubbering profane words crystal clear

aware that his demise could occur,
perhaps during exploit far out to sea
with salty water everywhere,
thus this thick raunchivist

master bait catching fear
some skipper known in whirled wide webbed
under water world,
cuz rumor did hear
auld his death defying exploits infiltrated

into the most remotely secluded lair
asper rugged crunchy captain
who didst dare
the devil with dirty deeds

done dirt cheap, which flair
subjected suffered gross distortion
due to optical glare
pandemonium ensued, sans each small hair

along backbone viz zit ting spinal tap vie
tall hetty to rise
a flickr ring shutterfly
more years than anyone could reckon, even Pi

Tha Gore Ass, hence
mystery fed legends,
any rhyme or reason asper
ruddy faced weather beaten
expert, who sailed every square inch
of the globe well nigh

cutting down to size mythologized
outrageous Leviathan sized monster
mashing machine with jaws of steel
that did wonders for the tourist industry the my
tee buck reared, snorted, twittered no lie

as truth told by Ishmael,
whom aye did befriend
(said galley hand decked the halls,
of christened ship Pequod),
who strongly attest didst descend,
despite incontestable stance,
sans supposition,

aye aver Captain Ahab
DID NOT perish at sea,
thus, his privateer life
did not meet a cruel end,
but believe his doppelganger incognito
body double electric reincarnation fiend

actually said peg legged swash
buckling adventurer of the high seas,
that saline mosh pit - by gosh
how blimey lame such archaic balderdash

(anyway...i gotta hunch), ghost
of spirited sailor lives incognito,
here at 2 highland manor
a this bucolic schwenksville,
pennsylvania enclave.

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