Hate The Same

by Emma Noyes
(Byfield, Massachusetts)

I hate you,
Your threats,
You don't ever learn,
Neither does she,
Like a fly always flying into the petrifying light,
And you weave your twisted web,
Like a pro you've done this many times before,
Your manipulative behavior along with your foul mouth,
I hate you,
You have no right to say the things you do,
No right to threaten an innocent's life,
No Right to critique others when you are the same,
You barely learned how to behave,
And I hate how I am told I act like you,
Look like you,
It's a constant reminder of the evil,
The haunting past and incoming wake as the feel of death seeps into the cracks that were once filled,
But like a homicidal wave you get away,
And I hate you,
How you act,
How you pull the veil over everyone's eyes,
Including mine sometimes.

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