by Nkamang Tsotetsi
(Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa)


I know why he sang at dusk of that day
Under the orange sky he danced to his own tune
His drenched ragged garments danced to his movement
He sang, he danced, sang and danced again

The expression changed from solemn to radiance
For that moment eyes turned from forlorn to sparkle
Like a galaxy of stars in the friendly night
In his face there lay beautiful spring season

Give him love for he is lonely and lost
Give him food for he is hungry and weak
Touch his heart for this frees his locked mind
The trapped soul will fly free bird like a bird

A soul in a street longs for belonging
I stretched my hand to reach his deprived
Once again in his face there I saw a flower blossom
There in him I saw renewed contentment

In the street corner he transits from desolate to blissful
He sang, he danced, sang and danced again
He let loose of his heavy heeled boots and danced more
Reach for the lonely, reach for the hungry

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