Heart Ache

by Nico Ponce
(Gilbert, AZ. United States)

As I sit here hurt from heartbreak
Mental pictures I begin to take
Of our happy and beautiful moments when we were strong
Especially the times when I used to sing you a song
From your smile to your hair, and your perfume
I miss seeing you every day, which sets me back to gloom
My love for you is from the purest place of my heart
This is why I sit here sad because of how we did depart
I love you more than the stars love the night
And hope is what I hold onto very tight
That one day we can get back to what we used to be
Because being away from it is destroying me
I’ve made some mistakes this I know
But I just need the chance to prove and show
How I can be the man you deserve and respect
I promise for the rest of your life to protect
Your heart and safety is what I know you expect
So I make this one promise and vow
To love and protect you, just let me show you how!

Ti amerò fino al giorno della mia morte
“I will love you until the day I die”

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