Heart Vs. Mind

by Christine
(NB, MA, US)

My heart is willing to fight and to keep trying
Turned down before but I’m not buying
It’ll be different next time, just wait and see
Someday soon he will make time for me

My mind has seen it all before
Just friends is what he’s looking for
I can keep holding on but I’m wasting time
He’s never going to be just mine

My heart is saying he really does care
And that someday there will be something there
I need to be patient and let him get to know me
It takes time to fall in love with personality

My mind is saying it will never work
You’re just setting yourself up to get hurt
Trying to change someone’s mind
Is very hard to do so why even try

My heart is saying it does take time
But nothing's impossible so continue to try
The hardest challenges have the best prize
That special feeling that you cannot buy

My mind says it’s dangerous to hold your hopes too high
It’s not always smart to reach for the sky
But my heart hasn't ever felt this way before
It may hurt but it’s worth fighting for

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