Hearts On Deadline

by Michael McDuff
(Medford, OR, United States)

I went to the show, but
You weren't around
I lost all control as
I heard the sounds
With nowhere to go
I fell to the ground
Tell me you didn't know
I couldn't be found

Hearts on deadline
Train wreck in my mind
Gasoline spilling from my veins
As we cut to the chase
And light the match to
Get us out of this place

Public service announcement
Agony is on parade
We fight to deliver, but
Looking in the mirror
All we see is a charade

Hearts on deadline
Reaching critical mass
Have a drink to define
The moment we want to pass
I'm a believer in you and
It's wearing on my sleeve
What're we gonna do
When no one else believes?

Public service announcement
The clock won't stop tickin' and
We're casting shadows on the cement
Walking hand in hand now
Trying to understand now
Will two wrecks make a right?
All that's left is the energy we've got to fight

Hearts on deadline
Hearts on deadline
Hearts on deadline

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