Heart-Shaped Stain.

by Tyler Dale
(Farmer City, IL, U.S.)

Darkened are the veins
No more I do hemorrhage
Lost I am today
And I don’t mind, a drop of pain

I can’t feel the rain
I fade as I age
A man who’s made of clay
I’ll lose my mind, as I try to be sane

Cut me once again
Hurt me till I rage
And promise you will stay
Easy it’s to find, a heart shaped stain

I ask for no gain
Just a color on an empty page
As all turned to grey
And all lies in vain

Life became a game
A movie in black and white
No credits at the end
And all became the same

Same as pride is shame
And to lose is to fight
The beloved became a friend
A stranger the friend became

When we mold of clay, a heart shaped stain
A friend for a day, a love that will never remain
Believe what I say, believers were insane;
To cast the tears away is to embrace all the pain

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