by Payton Cascio
(Shreveport, Louisiana, US)

She is shining like the sun.
Brilliant in all the ways,
known and not.
She is mysterious and enchanting,
giving and kind.
She is everything I or anyone
could ever want
and everything
you never knew you needed.
She is radiant and ethereal,
a timeless masterpiece
unlike any before
or any to come after.
She makes days light and full,
yet every moment you share
is a perfect eternity you wish to keep close to your soul.
She is a savior
to the demons that haunt you,
a soothing voice
to the fears that plague you.
She is everything,
even when she feels she is nothing.
Let this be a testament to time,
for even in her darkest hours
may she know how adored and loved she is.
That the demons that plague her return to Venus,
for it must be in the Goddess' envy
that cause her to cast such curses
onto a mortal who deserves them not.

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