Heavenly Angels

by Shirley Denton
(Dayton Ohio )

Angels are glorious Heavenly creatures
adorned with huge white wings and a halo of light around their head

they are great protectors sent to comfort and guide our way
if you pray and seek them they will appear before you

some people think they are a myth
others have visions of angelic appearances

The Heavenly father sends them on missions of mercy
to comfort and protect us from danger

they guide us into the light and at times they carry us in flight
at the point of death they rush to our bedside

waiting till it is appointed by the Lord of hosts to carry our souls
to our eternal home

Angels wipe our tears when we are shaken by life's fears
although I have never seen one
I know I have my very own Angel

for I can feel her Heavenly presence oh so near
at night I hear a melody she sings to hush my fear

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