by Shirley Munafo
(Cincinnati, Ohio)

No child wants to be bullied
So why would any child bully
I think I know why, so listen
This child we will call Wooly

Wooly was unhappy for sure
But you would never notice
He always acted so tough mostly
We should really call him Otis

Now when I was a kid, Otis
Was an elevator in my school
Some of us loved riding him
While others were very scared

Poor Otis just waited and waited
For someone to come along
And push his buttons up and down
And he sprung open wide like a clown

Now when Wooly wanted a ride
He would punch all of Otis's buttons
And Otis didn't know what to do
Now Wooly became a glutton

A glutton for punishment we said
Wooly actually paid us no mind
Wooly really wanted admirers
He needed attention of any kind

So when you see Wooly hanging around
Smile and greet him like a friend
Treat him as you want to be treated
HELP put bullying to a happy end.

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