Her eyes

by Bhuwan Thapaliya
(Kathmandu, Nepal)

How wonderful her eyes are!

How wonderful her eyes are!

A dreamy mist hangs over her eye lashes,
and the Moon swims over her eye lids.
Endowed with timelessness, calm and peace,
her eyes are an ode to the Buddha’s image of serenity.

The Himalayan snow, shimmering on the temple
of the sky, dominating the horizon looks
so desiccated and barren in front of her eyes.

Within her eye's confines, century old traditions,
continuation of arts, crafts, beauty and history
of painted towns, as a jewel in the crown.

Gazing deep into her eyes, one feels like being
in a Time Machine.

As I savored the beauty of her eyes,
I heard historic sounds of artisans chiseling
a piece of stone and a log of wood to give them a shape.

Her eyes are an ode to the Kathmandu Valley.

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