Her Immortality

by Chad Taylor
(Seattle, WA)

Black silk drapes dark across the banister

Moaning out its elegy in the moon light

Indifferent to the sounds beneath the wood

Crimson stains bleed through the grandeur

A jealous witness to the crime

Her poem crumpled, torn misunderstood,

“My love for you” She prophesied,

“I would give my life!” with undying trust

Is now her magnum opus.

Arms entwined in a sacred embrace

The chalice fell to the unforgiving floor

His eyes ablaze read the words sublime,

“My love for you knows no other-

Together we can steal away together

Eternal bliss, me and you forever!”

The candlestick fell again and again

A deadly resolution to a kiss divine

Love lost so sudden souls entwined

Now with crashing revelation it’s clear

The signature now in blood and tears

The poem was never meant for another…

Chad Taylor © 2011

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